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International MicroNanoelectronics Research Corporation (IMR) is an advanced scientific company that was founded in 1984 by Denny J. Wheeler to provide innovative solutions to industry, the U.S. Government, and international customers. Since its inception, IMR has continued to successfully meet emerging challenges our customers face and consistently deliver the highest quality solutions and services to its customers.

IMR's business activities are focused on research and development and O.E.M. manufacturing of electronic inks and materials, components, Prescon™ pressure sensors, precious metal products and research in electrical energy storage devices.  With corporate headquarters in Nampa, Idaho USA, IMR is dedicated to a full range of engineering, integration, testing, support, and research and development activities.

At the core of IMR’s capabilities is an experienced and highly skilled team focused on advancing technology.  This includes; ferroelectric solid state capacitors; electronic ceramic film materials; hybrid and polymer thick film materials; thermodynamic crystal chemistry; surface physics of semiconductors; catalyst activation group theory; composite fabrication of superconductors; molecular energy configuration level of activated organic compounds; temperature diffusion dependence between precious metals and electronic circuit materials; thermokinetic reactions of small particle atomic cluster configurations; non-uniform mathematical modeling of electronic properties by spatial electromagnetic field induction; and thick film polymer organic materials.

Today's spirit of competition, technological advancements, and complex global environment demands the delivery of products and services that meet an ever increasing standard of quality at minimal cost. The extensiveness of our skills and service offerings and the depth of our knowledge give IMR a balance and diversity that will enable us to successfully meet these demands – through advanced technology solutions tailored to our customers' needs.