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IMR develops and markets high performance conductive inks, adhesives and dielectric coatings worldwide. Our 45 years of technically superb product development and manufacturing makes IMR the engineers' choice. Our products have facilitated pioneering new product designs in leading global markets of aerospace assembly, automotive, defense, electronics, medical, and microelectronics.

Exceptional quality and process reproducibility ensures consistency and uniformity in design, products and services both in our wide-ranging standard product line and custom formulations. We built our reputation for excellence by providing custom formulations to meet exacting production requirements and customers' specifications at every stage of development. Our customers know they can depend on IMR to respond rapidly and successfully.  

Our products can be applied to a variety of substrates with exceptional print definition. From trial quantities to full-scale manufacturing, our products are held to the highest standards.

Contact us to receive the data sheets for your application or to engage our experienced technical staff who is seasoned in chemistry, ink formulation and application engineering to meet your exact needs.