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Technical Specifications


Physical attributes

Size range

Min. .04” .x .04”
Max. 50” x 50” (127cm x 127cm)

No shape limitations


.004” to .050”
(0.1mm to 1.27mm)

Material dependant

Sensing area

Min. .02” x .02”
Max. 48” x 48” (122cm x 122cm)

No shape limitations


Standard connectors
Solderable tabs

Viable methods



Min. 1 gram
Max. 10,000 lbs

Dependent on mechanics


< + 3%


Resistance Value

Any resistance available
Standard decade resistance


Part to Part & lot to lot reproducibility

+ 5 %

Repeatable actuation


3% to 5%

Dependent on design and operating application

Device response time

< 4 microseconds

Dependent on operating application

Operating temperature

-60˚ C to 220˚ C available
225˚ C - 450˚ C in development

Material dependent

Shock resistance

Will take 5 million consecutive hits by a 50 gram mass moving at 300 mph with no failures


Humidity moisture resistance

Hermetically sealed sensors available